Trump recognises Jerusalem as the capital of Israel: Essex University students protest

The holy city of Jerusalem has been at the heart of a peace process for a number of years and is the cause of conflicts between Palestinians and Israelis.

Since being elected President of the United States in November 2016, Donald Trump had remained fairly quiet on peace talks with the Middle East. But come December 2017 and his first major stance was to publicly recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and his plans to move the US embassy there.

Jerusalem Infographic

Students from the University of Essex took to the open spaces on the campus to spread the message of Trump’s controversial decision- against the wishes of university security staff. The university is home to 15,000 students with around 45% of the cohort joining the university from outside the UK. This means there are a number of societies dedicated to uniting those from abroad- The Palestinian Society organised the protest with the support of other societies at the campus.



I spoke to a number of students who were taking part and others who were watching the event unfold. Yaman Alqadri is a member of the university’s Palestinian Solidarity Group and was an active force in today’s protest alongside fellow Palestinians and supporters.

Capture 3

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