The Cambridge Satchel Company: The Poppy Rucksack

It’s no secret that I have a lifelong love for rucksacks. The love affair started as a small child with a tiny yellow chick backpack. A large array of novelty rucksacks followed, including various Teletubies and Disney characters through to today where I predominantly depend upon my trusty Longchamp. Maybe it’s the lazy in me that likes having the ability to sling my belongings over my shoulders and have my arms free for more ‘important’ things like snapchatting videos of my dog when we are out walking.

The newest edition and current queen of my collection is the Poppy rucksack from The Cambridge Satchel Company. High on cake and birthday euphoria I bought this bag in their Cambridge shop.

Having never really hopped on board with the company’s original satchels, I was pleasantly surprised by the femininity of their new Poppy range which mostly consists of pastel colours and smooth leather finishes.

The two straps on the back of the bag can be adjusted to suit the height of the person wearing it and where they want it to sit on their back. After deciding how long I wanted the straps the excess was cut off so they didn’t hang down on show when I was wearing it.

The ‘doctor’s bag’ trend is one I have really got on board with and this rucksack take on it in the dusky rose colour with silver hardware makes for a perfect summer bag.

Its size would make it a perfect travel companion or especially good for a day cycling.

I’ve also got my eye on the forest green version which I think would be perfect paired with a woolly jumper for autumn uni lectures.

If you want to bag yourself a Poppy bag: Poppy Rucksack in Dusky Rose

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