The Power of Makeup

I wanted to start this off by saying that I’m unapologetically a makeup lover. I’m sucked in along with everyone else by the adverts that promise supermodel cheekbones or ‘lashes you never knew you had’. And most of the time the effect is never quite as extreme as what is expected.

But who can deny that amazing feeling when you do find a product that just works for you? The highlighter that glides on like Cinderella’s glass slipper, or the (industrial strength) concealer that somehow manages to erase the dark circles under my eyes that makes me look like a member of the Addams family.


I know that in my case and many others, there is certainly joy to be found among the aisles of a beauty hall but equally for others there could be little or no joy at all which is equally understandable.

What needs to stop however, is the view that women who wear full-coverage makeup are being ‘deceptive’ or only to impress. Those who go for natural or minimal makeup are either praised for embracing their natural beauty or on the other hand those who wear nothing at all are often met with unfairly concerning looks from friends over the state of their health (which has caused many a dull day on my part I must say).

We are all aware of the transforming effect that makeup can have when used in different ways, recent trends in particular such as contouring and colour correcting can powerfully change someone’s appearance.

What needs to be understood by both sides of the argument is that the decision is down to the individual and embracing makeup as a form of self-expression can be empowering for many.

There is no right or wrong as long as the individual appreciates that they do not need makeup for the purpose of validation or because they feel as though they need to wear it- you are beautiful (James Blunt circa 2005 would agree) with and without.

Charlotte Tilbury recently posted a photo on Instagram, two pictures of the same woman side by side- one side wearing minimal makeup and the other with nothing at all. But the caption is the best part saying, ‘Beautiful After, Beautiful Before’. I think that with our attitudes to makeup, this statement should be kept in mind whether you are a makeup lover or not.

So for all you make up lovers, let him take you swimming on the first date and see how that foundation stays NO MATTER WHAT with Mac Fix Plus. And for those who prefer to go au naturale? I admire your confidence; but God knows I don’t feel myself without that contour…

I spoke to Minisha Goel, a third year Economics student and the President and Founder of the University’s Makeup Society gave me her opinion on the debate:

LW: What is your opinion on the conflict between expressing yourself creatively through makeup but also wanting to embrace natural beauty?

MG: I think that when you think of makeup as an art, it can be expressed in so many different forms. It all represents moods and expressions of real people, may that be super glam and extravagant or super simple and natural. It doesn’t matter as its personal to each individual and means something different to each person.

LW: Do you believe makeup should be seen positively or negatively?

MG: I think definitely positively. But what must be kept in mind that you are expressing the form of beauty already within you.

LW: How do you think the media influences our relationship with makeup and our appearance?

MG: I think it does, by showing photoshopped people it has slowly made us feel insecure about how we look. Applying hundreds of filters to make it ‘perfect’ again but again it means something so different to every person. If that is how you feel comfortable being portrayed then why not!

LW: What would you say are your top five favourite makeup products?

MG: Kevin Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer is an amazing full coverage foundation. The Nars Radiant Creamy concealer, Mac Fix Plus, the YSL Baby Doll Mascara and Maybelline Black Gel liner are all favourites of mine.

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