Colchester’s dangerous drivers

Thousands of drivers in Colchester town centre are ignoring the signs on North Station road that show the road is closed for cars. Drivers are flouncing the rules by turning left into the road beside the Albert despite the fact it is only meant for buses, taxis and those who live on the road.

In the space of only fifteen minutes, twenty-nine cars and vans turned into the road despite the sign showing clearly showing it is off limits. Also in Colchester town centre, First Site arts centre attracts regularly attracts crowds due to their wealth of exhibitions and events. However, lately they have also been attracting crowds for reasons very different to that of art.

An astounding volume of cars are driving down East Hill before turning sharply to the right and into the entrance of First Site, turning full circle in order to drive back up the hill and turn left into Queen Street. A massive sixteen cars and vans turned around in the entrance to the arts centre in just the space of fifteen minutes, with eight cars doing it in the space of three minutes.

Unbelievably, cars have even been turning right into Queen Street from the top of the hill instead of going down it. Their actions mean they are cutting across the on-coming traffic or putting people crossing at the green man in danger.


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